App-V 4.5 Resource Kit: App-V Application Listing Tool

Today, for the final posting in the series covering the newly released App-V 4.5 Resource Kit, we are going to discuss the application listing tool.

Ever wondered which applications are running virtualized and which natively in your machine? The application listing tool makes it easy to generate a list of processes currently running virtualized and display key properties. This is helpful for diagnosis purposes, especially in terminal server, multi-user environments.


PID: 4948

ProcessName: OUTLOOK.EXE

Process Owner: REDMOND\user

SessionId: 1

Processor Time: 00:11:26.8100026

Priority: 8

Virtual Memory Size: 744,564 KB

PID: 1584

ProcessName: WINWORD.EXE

Process Owner: REDMOND\user

SessionId: 1

Processor Time: 00:02:10.6664376

Priority: 8

Virtual Memory Size: 458,468 KB

You can download the application listing tool here.

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The App-V team

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    The main goal of the resource toolkit is to enable IT administrators to unlock the full potential of

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