Error xxxxxx44-00001007 in the SFTLOG.TXT file

Here's a cool tip from Michelle Foley on an issue you may run into if you're using one of our newer OSs, or even if you're not I suppose.  If you're rolling out App-V 4.5 and noticing that some clients aren't getting the apps and icons they should then you might want to check the SFTLOG.TXT for 00001007 errors:


Issue: On Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 clients, short-cuts for a particular application may not be available to users that have been granted access to the application and the following items may be logged in the SFTLOG.TXT file:

The app manager could not create an application from
'\\AppvServer\content\<folderName>\<appName>.osd' (rc 0C404844-00001007).

Cause: This can occur if the application has not been approved for the specific operating system running on the client. For example, the application was approved for Windows Vista clients but not Windows 2003 Terminal Server clients.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, check the OSD file for the application to determine if the client's operating system is
listed.  Some examples of these OS tags are below:

Windows XP = <OS VALUE="WinXP"/>
Windows Vista = <OS VALUE="WinVista"/>
Windows Server 2003 TS = <OS VALUE="Win2003TS"/>
Windows Server 2008 TS = <OS VALUE="Win2008TS"/>

For more information see section 2.4.1 in the SoftGrid Operations Guide - Part 1.


Thanks Michelle!  One comment I'd like to add is that normally you should never have to manually edit an OSD file to add a supported OS.  When you go through the Sequencing wizard you can specify the operating systems supported by your app then.  You should only have to do this if the appropriate OS was not added during that step.


J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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    Here&#39;s a cool tip from Michelle Foley on an issue you may run into if you&#39;re using one of our

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