Error 25109: The installation program could not create the configuration data store

So I was perusing the SoftGrid forums the other day and came across an issue a few folks were having and fortunately the solution as well.  Apparently when installing the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) server component you can run into an issue where setup gets most of the way through before failing with the following 25019 error:

Product: Microsoft System Center Virtual Application Server -- Error 25109.The installation program could not create the configuration data store. Please see the installation log file for more information.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

0000: 7b 35 46 37 38 36 32 44 {5F7862D
0008: 41 2d 30 36 32 35 2d 34 A-0625-4
0010: 32 31 41 2d 38 30 42 34 21A-80B4
0018: 2d 30 31 36 41 30 46 36 -016A0F6
0020: 38 46 45 44 31 7d 8FED1}

If you look at the SQL server log it will start with "Starting up database 'SOFTGRID'" and the last entry is "Setting database option RECOVERY to RECMODEL_70BACKCOMP for database SOFTGRID" and then that's it. No other errors are present that would indicate why it failed.

A couple of folks on the forum found that this was caused by specifying the the local Administrators security group during setup instead of the Domain Admins group when the server belongs to a domain.

Of course the resolution is to specify the Domain Admins security group instead so once you do this the wizard will complete the installation just fine.

If I knew the names of all the parties who worked on the solution I would have given them the proper credit here but you can see the original posts for yourself at the links below:

And don't forget, the SoftGrid forums are a great resource if you're looking for advice or troubleshooting help with SoftGrid or Microsoft Application Virtualization.


J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So I was perusing the SoftGrid forums the other day and came across an issue a few folks were having

  2. Michel PICOLLET says:


    I had a problem with App-V 4.6 during the installation with error code 25109.Alors I saw this post to solve the problem. Small precision, you must specify the AD domain as follows: <Domain> <Groups> in the fields to solve the problem. In fact it should say App-V which is the group that you specify


    Michel PICOLLET

  3. Im getting the 25109 error on install of APP-V 4.6 and im following the APPV 4.6 trial document download from Microsoft

    Im using SQL Express 2008 R2 (as per APP-V 4.6 trial guide instructions)

    I specified DomainDomain admins during the APP-V installation but still get the error message. Im logged onto the server as domain admin account. I also tried to use a newly create AD group called APPV administrators as per the Trial guide but with no joy.

    In SQL console i see only that my logged on user account has any SQLADMIN rights. Do we need to add any extra permissions than the defaults to SQL ?

  4. x says:

    For me it's a bug. Please fix it in next update.

  5. tester says:

    same problem here even after using domaindomain admins as the group.  Using SQL 2005 Express w/SP3

  6. Kari says:

    I got the same error but this workaround helped: Took a fresh install of W2008 R2 server and let the system (and user) locales to be in their default, English.

    All of my previous fresh installs of W2008 R2 servers did end up with 25019 error when the server locales were Finnish. so, the sympton and workaround were the same as in an early Hyper-V beta release. Neither it allowed the windows system locale to be Finnish.

    My configuration was as follows: W2008 R2 64-bit, SQL Server Express 2008 64-bit and App-V Management server got from MDOP 2011 R2 DVD.

    Regards, Kari

  7. Gurucharan says:

    With due respect I would like to differ from the above comments. The reason for this error is that, the acount whic we use for installation of APP-V management server does  not have rights to create the Table in APPVIRT database it has created. Before starting the instalation, we need to add this account under Security > Log in. The user right should be Public (Which is selected by default) and sysadmin.

    Once we do this it will no more throw this error. Perhaps you may get error 25120 / 25122 and so on. However there are lots of really good blogs, which can guide through these errors. Since I do not find this solution anywhere, I am posting it here, else….

  8. I'm only seeing Domain Admins after I click next. No matter what I enter.

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