How to hide and to restrict access to the client drive letter

If you've used SoftGrid or App-V for any length of time then you're surely aware of the virtual drive letter used by each client to host the virtual applications.  Typically this is Q: but can be other drive letters as well.  Under normal circumstances the user is unable to access this drive but it still shows up as an available drive and this can cause confusion among users who don't know why it's there and who get error messages when they try to access it.  If this is a concern of yours then the solution of course is to simply hide the drive letter so your users don't know it's even there.

Fortunately we have a Knowledge Base article describing exactly how to do this.  I'll admit that this has been out for a while so it's not exactly new but the topic continues to be fairly popular so I thought I'd post a link here:

KB931626 - How to hide and to restrict access to the SoftGrid Client drive letter

The KB article provides step-by-step instructions for hiding the drive via a Group Policy, a .REG file from the client, a .VBS script from the client or from the OSD itself.


J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. RobMe says:

    Did this a day or two ago.. whitout knowing about the KB-article, added the driveletter settings to the old SoftgridClient40_v10.adm file along with some other setting i haven’t found in any policy. Is there a offical .adm file for the settings in "HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftSoftGrid4.5ClientDC Servers" or a best practice maybe?

    As I said, I already have these settings working in a .adm file, gimme a shout if u want it.. robme( at )

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