Microsoft App-V deployment and management tools

Yesterday must have been The Day Of The Tool as not only did our very own Andrew Montgomery post on the new App-V Best Practices Analyzer but Karri over on the MDOP blog posted on a veritable salad of App-V deployment and management tools include the aforementioned App-V Best Practices Analyzer as well as the…


Application Virtualization 4.5 Documentation update – New white papers available

Just a quick heads up about a couple new white papers that are available for Microsoft Application Virtualization: —– The first concerns App-V 4.5 management with ConfigMgr 2007 R2 —– The second is the Microsoft App-V 4.5 Trial Guide —– All Application Virtualization 4.5 whitepapers can be found here. Enjoy! J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge…


App-V Best Practices Analyzer Now Available!

A sensible question to ask is how you know whether your Streaming Server has settings that result in sub-optimal server performance. Enter the Microsoft Application Virtualization Best Practices Analyzer tool. The App-V BPA is a tool used to scan an App-V Management or Streaming Server for configuration settings that could result in sub-optimal server performance….


Error xxxxxx44-00001007 in the SFTLOG.TXT file

Here’s a cool tip from Michelle Foley on an issue you may run into if you’re using one of our newer OSs, or even if you’re not I suppose.  If you’re rolling out App-V 4.5 and noticing that some clients aren’t getting the apps and icons they should then you might want to check the…


App-V tools and whitepapers

Looks like over on the MDOP blog Karri Alexion-Tiernan posted some tidbits about the latest App-V related tools and whitepapers.  The quick list is below but you can read her entire post here. ======== · App-V  Home Page Update – This provides a great intro to the product and the business challenges it helps solve…


Updated Knowledge Base articles for 10-19 through 10-25

We have three updated Knowledge Base articles for you this week – titles and links are below: ======== SoftGrid for Terminal Server EN 958917 – Error code when you silently publish an application in a SoftGrid client by using the sftmime command: "4501DB-0C404064-00000006" Published – Updated SoftGrid for Windows Desktop 958920 – Error message when…


Download Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 for Terminal Services today

A while back I posted that Microsoft® Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.5 for Terminal Services will be available to customers as of November 1, 2008 but it looks like you can actually get it via the MVLS site today.  Over on the VirtualWorld blog they even have a cool step-by-step on how to download it.  You…


Error 25109: The installation program could not create the configuration data store

So I was perusing the SoftGrid forums the other day and came across an issue a few folks were having and fortunately the solution as well.  Apparently when installing the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) server component you can run into an issue where setup gets most of the way through before failing with the following…


Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 – New Features

EDIT: The chart linked below may contain some inaccurate information.  We’re working to update this and will let everyone know when it’s complete.  I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of removing the features that (according to my sources) don’t appear to be in 4.5.  —– If you’re looking for the list of new features…


New Knowledge Base articles for 10-12 through 10-18

See, I told you we had some new KBs in the pipe.  We had three new Knowledge Base articles for the week and the titles and links are below: ======== SoftGrid for Windows Desktop 958920 – Error message when you try to save changes to a template on the Q: drive in PowerPoint 2007: "The…