SoftGrid: Update to "Sequencing Office Professional 2007 in 30 easy steps"

Last I week I posted my recipe for sequencing Office 2007 (including the DOC file) and thanks to some great feedback from you readers it's already time for version 2.  The changes in v2 include:

  • Sequencing to an 8.3 name on Q:
  • Installing to the root folder of Q:\Off2K7 instead of Q:\Office2K7\Office2K7
  • Launching the applications during sequencing
  • Disabling Automatic Updates
  • Launching Help during sequencing

These changes fall more inline with officially supported Microsoft guidelines, solve one particular issue where Help may not launch successfully, and eliminate some other minor annoyances that you may run into.  The original posts have been edited and updated with these changes so check them out:

The web based recipe:

The DOC file:

If you have any tips for how I can make this recipe better or more robust please send them along.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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