A Farewell to SoftGrid

Ever since Softricity was acquired by Microsoft back in 2006 there's been a lot speculation as to what the name of the SoftGrid product would eventually be - Will it be called Microsoft SoftGrid, MSAV or will Microsoft come up with something completely new? Well, I imagine you already figured out that starting with version 4.5 the official name will be Microsoft Application Virtualization, but there will also be a new official short name: App-V.

So App-V is in, and SoftGrid is out, but you're probably wondering how all of this affects you or why you should even care. Really it only matters to you because from now on we're going to do our best to stop calling this product SoftGrid and start calling it App-V. Or Microsoft Application Virtualization if we're feeling formal. This blog will eventually go from being the SoftGrid blog to the App-V blog, the SoftGrid forums will probably become the App-V forums, etc. and I want to make sure all of you are ahead of the curve just so there's no confusion when you start seeing this name thrown around more and more over time.

And while we at Microsoft get into the habit of using the new name, you should try to get in the habit as well. I know old habits die hard and it'll be tough for you SoftGrid veterans to start calling it something new but sooner or later the SoftGrid name will be no more.

Happy Sequencing,

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer

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  1. Be advised that when a user *hears* "App-V" they don’t know that there is a hyphen in the name. When they go to search for resources, they are not going to find App-V (WITH hyphen) as easily. In addition, there are web resources (such as TechNet/MSDN Social Bookmarks) do not support hyphens. Does the hypen localize in all the languages you support? PLEASE do not put a hyphen in your official, or unofficial terminology.

  2. Anonymous says:

    App-V is the new moniker being bestowed upon the twice named product.  I guess this goes right in

  3. Anonymous says:

    132 Microsoft Team blogs searched, 105 blogs have new articles in the past 30 days. 641 new articles

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m adapting – I even changed my signature block. Microsoft App-V (formerly known as SoftGrid) Hmmm… It reminds me of a musician I once knew & then he came back. ;^)

  5. Anonymous says:

    下記のブログにも出ているように、SoftGridの名称で親しまれてきた製品の名称を正式に Microsoft Application Virtualization、あるいは短いけどオフィシャルな名称で

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