SoftGrid: Taking a snapshot of your virtual machine during the sequencing process

A question we get every now and then concerns taking a snapshot of a virtual machine while you're in the middle of monitoring a sequencing process.  Sometimes you might want to do this if the sequencing of your application is long and drawn out, you're sequencing multiple apps together, or if you're wanting to create a couple different sequences starting from the same initial config.  While I can definitely understand the reasons for wanting to do this, generally speaking we (Microsoft) don't support doing this because it's not something that we've fully tested and because we seen some problems when this was done before.  There's essentially no guarantee that what's in memory prior to termination will be captured upon restart so if your sequence requires multiple installations, or if you find that you need to stop for some reason, we recommend that you "Stop Monitoring" between installations and leave the sequencer open and continue the next day or whenever.

This falls in line with the rest of our sequencing best practices but it's not something I've seen documented so I wanted to be sure it got mentioned here.  If you want to learn more about the rest of our sequencing best practices take a look at our MCS Sequencing Guidelines doc at

Robert Morris | Manageability Support Engineer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The first thing you’ll probably want to do in preparation for your callback is gather up any relevant

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is suggested to sequence on a machine that is the lowest common denominator for the target client. Do we need to keep Windows security updates updated on the sequencing machine? That means we will have to install SCCM client on the sequencing machine. We push out Windows security updates to our workstations every month via SCCM 2007. Or should the sequencing machine only have a very base image – OS plus Virus scan disabled.

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