SoftGrid Migration Tool v1.0 Released

A few months ago I talked about a couple tools including the SoftGrid Migration Tool which helps you “convert” existing automated application setups to SoftGrid Virtualized Applications (aka streams or sequences).  It looks like the folks over at Login Consultants have an updated version out on the web that includes new features such as:

• Allow local interaction option.

• Terminate children option.

• Disable virtual services option.

• Add one or more custom shortcuts while sequencing.

• Load/Save a project for future reference.

• Create your own default setting using the GUI.

For more information as well as a link to down the tool see the

As always, this is not a Microsoft tool and as such we make no warranties or guarantee's, nor does Microsoft support the use of this tool in any way.  This is more of a 'use at your own risk' type of thing but I think you'll find it helpful.

J.C. Hornbeck

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