Update: Error 53256 Sequencing Adobe CS3

A month or so ago I wrote a post on how you might run into error 53256 when sequencing Adobe CS3.  You might also remember that I mentioned that a recent post on another blog talked about resolving the issue by fixing a corrupt file manifest.  Well, to give you an update, it was reported in the SoftGrid forums that this did in fact resolve the issue so it does look like fixing the manifest should get this sequenced successfully.

After looking at this further, it appears that it’s not actually a corrupted manifest, but rather it’s a manifest encoded in UTF-16 which we don’t currently support.  If you run into this, rather than deleting the .manifest as described on the other blog, you might try extracting it with a PE editor and re-saving it as UTF-8 or ANSI as FileInfo.dll.manifest and things *should* work, as the external manifest should overwrite the internal dll’s.  The caveat is that this is all theoretical, but it's worth a try.  Just be sure you have backups of all you files before you go and start changing things.

I have heard that this issue will be addressed in the future but obviously I can't make any guarantee's one way or the other regarding that.  Until then, give the previously mentioned fix a shot and if you have any trouble stop by our forums and chat with some of the folks who seem to have gotten this to work.

J.C. Hornbeck

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