SoftGrid Migration Tool v1.0 Released

A few months ago I talked about a couple tools including the SoftGrid Migration Tool which helps you “convert” existing automated application setups to SoftGrid Virtualized Applications (aka streams or sequences).  It looks like the folks over at Login Consultants have an updated version out on the web that includes new features such as: •…


Quickly evaluate Microsoft and partner solutions with our pre-configured Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs).

OK, I know this isn’t specific to SoftGrid but this is too cool to not post about: ====== Using the power of virtualization, you can now quickly evaluate Microsoft and partner solutions through a series of pre-configured Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs). You can download the VHDs and evaluate them for free in your own environment…


SoftGrid 4.1 Service Pack 1 Client for Terminal Servers now virtualizes fonts

My buddy Justin has a note on his blog about a doc error in the 4.1 SP1 Release Notes where it says the SoftGrid Terminal Server client does not virtualize fonts in a sequenced application.  Well, actually we do now.  To read more about this check out Justin’s post at J.C. Hornbeck


Update: Error 53256 Sequencing Adobe CS3

A month or so ago I wrote a post on how you might run into error 53256 when sequencing Adobe CS3.  You might also remember that I mentioned that a recent post on another blog talked about resolving the issue by fixing a corrupt file manifest.  Well, to give you an update, it was reported in…


New KB Article: When you use the SoftGrid Management Console it may crash

We published a new Knowledge Base article you might be interested in reading about.  We see this from time to time so if you’re having trouble with your SoftGrid MMC you’ll want to be aware of this one. you use the SoftGrid Management Console, it may crash10/12/2007EN-US J.C. Hornbeck


TechNet Webcast: SoftGrid for Terminal Services (Level 300)

This is an oldie but a goodie if you’re planning on using SoftGrid with Terminal Services (or Citrix).  The live webcast has already come and gone but you can still download the webcast and the podcast from ====== Language(s): English. Product(s): Windows Server. Audience(s): IT Professionals. Duration: 80 Minutes Start Date: Thursday, March 01,…


TechNet Article: Take Your Apps Virtual with Microsoft SoftGrid

This article is a little stale but it’s very well written and a great intro if you’re new to SoftGrid or wanting to learn more.  The title of the article is Take Your App’s Virtual With Microsoft SoftGrid and it covers: Benefits of application virtualization Overview of the SoftGrid architecture Streaming software packages The complete…


Error When Sequencing Excel 2007

Here’s a problem I ran into a few days ago that I thought was kind of interesting.  In case you ever try to sequence Excel 2007 you might appreciate some of the notes I took and what I did to get it working. ====== Problem: After sequencing Excel 2007 to X:\8.3, the following 2 errors appear…


Scripting within an OSD file

I noticed some posts on the SoftGrid Forums lately that could be addressed with some useful scripting with the .OSD files for a SoftGrid package. Scripting within .OSD files is a very powerful feature and can be used to solve or create workarounds for a vast number of situations. This is an excerpt of some…


Getting to the root of the 8.3 Root

An interesting conversation came up in the lunch room today that I thought deserved a good blog for clarification. As you may well be aware, one of the “best practices” for Sequencing an application is to have the application install itself during the monitoring phase to an 8.3 directory on the Q:\ drive. What came…