Microsoft Unveils Plans for the MSI Utility for Microsoft Virtualization at VMworld

Microsoft unveiled the plans for its new application virtualization interoperability with SMS/SCCM, third party ESD systems and standalone clients at VMworld. The MSI Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization is a solution accelerator which enables the distribution of virtual applications without streaming.  Instead, it is using Windows Installer (previously known as Microsoft Installer) -- a standard format and a service for deployment, configuration and component management on Microsoft Windows systems -- to load and publish virtual applications.

The solution extends the deployment capabilities of SoftGrid Application Virtualization by providing a distribution method interoperable with a broad range of software distribution systems, such as Microsoft SMS or System Center Configuration Manager for enterprise wide deployments, or a network share or CD for simpler deployment scenarios.  Virtual applications distributed via the MSI Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization are configured using the Windows Installer service and fully loaded into the SoftGrid cache for use in a stand-alone mode, without connectivity to System Center SoftGrid Virtual Application Server.

This solution accelerator is a successor to and a substitute for the Microsoft SoftGrid SMS Connector.  It extends the utility of the SMS Connector in several dimensions and provides interoperability between SMS/SCCM, third party ESD systems and SoftGrid 4.1 SP1/4.2. 

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Chad Jones

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  1. Eric says:

    Is it just me, or does this link not work?  I was just on the presspass site and I didn’t see any links listed for 9-11 yet.

    Hopefully this gets fixed soon because this utility sounds like a great first step in fully integrating SCCM and Softgrid.

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