The SoftGrid TechCenter is Live

In case you haven't seen it, we recently launched the new SoftGrid TechCenter site on Microsoft TechNet.  It's just getting started but so far we have links to all kinds of great information, from the system requirements to case studies to webcasts, plus much, much more.  New content is being added all the time so you'll want to add this to your favorites, and as the site grows I'll do my best to blog on what's new.  The SoftGrid TechCenter site is all about making you and your SoftGrid implementation a success so if there's some documentation you'd like to see or a feature you want added please leave us a comment below.  I can't guarantee that we'll be able to respond to every comment or implement every suggestion but with your help we can make this the go-to site for everything SoftGrid.

J.C. Hornbeck

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