Sequencing Office 2007 using SoftGrid

Now that SoftGrid 4.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and SoftGrid 4.2 have come out we published a knowledge base article on sequencing Office 2007.  Please find below the link to KB939796: "Prescriptive guidance for sequencing 2007 Office programs in Microsoft SoftGrid":

Also, please keep KB935684: "SoftGrid Support for Non-English Based Configurations" in mind:

The method that is described in KB939796 is not the only method that will work when sequencing Microsoft Office 2007 but it's the one we tested and know works.  If you run into trouble sequencing Office 2007 then your best bet is to start here, get this working, then try your modifications.

J.C. Hornbeck

Comments (2)

  1. zarbie says:

    Just to add to J.C wise words, Please also note KB939897 "Description of the support policy for versions of Office that are running in SoftGrid Application Virtualization";EN-US;939897



  2. Tened says:


    I am in urgent need of the information with regard to App-V sequencing of Non-English applications. Culd you provide me an info at the earlies.



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