SoftGrid Support for Non-English Based Configurations

This is all documented in Knowledge Base article 935684 but I wanted to send a heads up just so that everyone was aware of how non-English support works currently.


The following versions of Microsoft SoftGrid support only those configurations that run on U.S. English-based operating systems:

• Microsoft SoftGrid 4.2

• Microsoft SoftGrid 4.1

• Microsoft SoftGrid 4.0

• All Softricity versions of SoftGrid

Microsoft plans to address all internationalization-related issues in future versions of SoftGrid. Therefore, Microsoft does not use service packs or hotfixes to address any internationalization-related issues in the current versions of SoftGrid.
Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) will provide guidance and workarounds when these are available, based on commercially reasonable efforts. The SoftGrid server components are supported only by U.S. English-based operating systems. Additionally, the server components require an English version of Microsoft SQL Server to be installed on a U.S. English-based operating system.
When you virtualize a localized version of an application, the virtualized version may work with SoftGrid. However, full interoperability is not guaranteed. Full interoperability depends on the level of localization that is used by the application. Applications that localize only the user interface (UI) are more likely to work than applications that, in addition to localizing the UI, also localize folder names and file names to the language of the operating system. We recommend that you use only English-language characters for folder names, for file names, and for UI elements. If you plan to deploy a non-English-language application, make sure that you test the application in the SoftGrid virtual environment to verify that the application exhibits the correct functionality before you deploy it.
If a workaround for an issue is not possible, or if the cause of an issue is not obvious, Microsoft CSS can help determine whether the issue is related to internationalization. Specifically, Microsoft CSS will direct you to replicate the issue on a computer that is running a U.S. English-based operating system. If the issue is replicated on a U.S. English-based operating system, Microsoft CSS will follow its standard escalation process, and a fix for the issue will be evaluated.
Microsoft is currently planning to support internationalization in SoftGrid 4.5.

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    「Microsoft is currently planning to support internationalization in SoftGrid 4.5.」

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    SoftGrid Support for Non-English Based Configurations

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