Setting the Default Content Path

Here's a tip passed on by Michelle on our Product Support team.  Hopefully by reading this you can bypass this pitfall that seems to trap so many new users:


One issue that new SoftGrid users seem to run into a lot is that they fail to set the Default Content Path for the Virtual Application Server in the SoftGrid Management console. Once your SoftGrid server is installed, you must configure the Default Content Share location in the SoftGrid Management Console or your clients will never be able to receive published applications.  This is not done automatically - you must do this yourself.

To set this, in the SoftGrid MMC right-click on the server name and select System Options. On the General tab, enter the location of the Content share in either UNC or HTTP format. For example, the UNC path is the server name followed by the share name: \\Server1\Content. Or in the HTTP format, HTTP://Server1/Content.  If you use the actual physical path to the content share, such as C:\Program files\Softricity\SoftGrid Server\Content, or if you specify nothing at all, your published applications will not work.


Hopefully this will help all of you get up and running faster, and as always, if you have any topic suggestions please feel free to send them along.

- The SoftGrid Team

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  1. russel says:


    1. how critical is the content path for the client?

    2. at what point in time the client or server looks for the content share?


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