Custom Domains Deep Dive

Hi Everyone, Throughout our documentation, we emphasize that we recommend using custom domains – bringing your own domain for the external URL rather than using the domain we provide. To help make the value and configuration of custom domains clearer, below is a deep dive – starting with some FAQs and then moving into…


Access Panel Extension for Application Proxy

Hi Everyone, We have a very exciting release today – the Access Panel extension for Application Proxy. This enables your users to access applications directly through internal URLs, even when outside your corporate network. The extension can now recognize requests to URLs that match the published internal URL for an application assigned to the user….


Understanding CORS Issues

CORS can sometimes present challenges to the Applications/Apis published via the Azure AD Application Proxy. There are many options to resolve these issues with ease, and in this blog we share those options as well as provide another look at understanding CORS. What is CORS? Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a W3C standard that…