Azure AD is in the new Azure portal! And it includes App proxy

Hey folks,

Am super excited today! The larger team here in Azure AD has been working hard on getting our artifacts into the new Azure portal. And today we just released a preview of that functionality.

Read more about it in Alex's blog here. And you can try out the new portal experience here.

Within the Azure AD app proxy team, we've also been working to light up the App proxy functionality in the new portal. Today's post is really a quick call out to try this functionality in the new portal.

Playing with the app proxy options in the new experience:

I recommend reading Alex's post and seeing the videos included within to familiarize yourselves with the layout in the new portal first.

When you click on enterprise apps, you'll see a node called 'Application proxy'---this is where you can manage your connectors and connector groups and download the latest connector. <as shown below>

If you want to manage the properties of an app proxy application, you can click on the 'All applications' node, and select (or search) for the specific application. On the app specific blade, you will see various nodes on the left to manage the application and see the app specific activity. One of these nodes is the 'Application proxy' node that allows you to manage/edit the various app proxy specific properties of the application, as shown below.

Do note that we do not have the experience to create new applications in the new portal lit up yet. That will come as part of the next phase of the preview of the new experience. Stay tuned for that.

Go on, give it a try and let us know what you think! As always we look forward to your feedback at


Girish Chander

Identity Division, Microsoft


Comments (4)

  1. Simon J Day says:

    Great news! Have there also been any co-coinciding developments in the Powershell cmdlets?

    1. Ross Adams [MSFT] says:

      Hi Simon,

      We are working towards adding these capabilities to PowerShell but that is going to take a bit of time. However if you are adventurous enough you can use the APIs enabled in Microsoft Graph to manipulate existing application proxy applications. Microsoft Graph has an easy tool to explore the various resources include connectors and connectorGroups.

      Ross Adams [MSFT]

  2. can we automate azure ad proxy application deployment using powershell or any other method?

    1. Avi Carmon (MSFT) says:

      Stay tuned, this is in the works too

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