Web Application Proxy Troubleshooting Is Here

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  1. Hi Csaba,
    Could you share the details on a different forum as I don’t have access to the Partner Network. We will then take a look.

  2. Hi Csaba – I got a copy of the post from the partner forum and we’ll definitely have a look at the comments raised . If you’d like to engage formally on this I’d suggest opening a support case as this would be a good way for us to discuss this further
    with you.

  3. Hi Ben,

    You won’t see the renewed proxy trust certs as they are not stored in the Local Machine cert store. The cert in the Local Machine store is the cert used during the initial establishment of the trust. The fact you see the updated cert on the ADFS server is a
    positive sign and we’d expect this to just have the public key on the ADFS server.

    What’s the issue you have (I’m assuming it’s a proxy trust failure) and have you had a look at our Proxy Trust blog?




  4. Hi Csaba,
    Please feel free to mention me when you open a support case as I would like to talk further on this and the blog comments aren’t really the easiest place to do this. We are definitely interested in looking into your concerns.

  5. Ben says:

    "ADFS Proxytrust – MachineName" expires on proxy server and not renewed automatically, however, there is a renewed "ADFS Proxytrust – MachineName" cert on ADFS server which has no private key. Thank you in advave if you can help on this.

  6. Csaba says:


    Can you please look at this post in the partner forums, if you have anything to add? This looks like a serious security issue for me regarding WAP and i have no real answer.
    Link: http://bit.ly/1oHdxFT

  7. Csaba says:


    Of course I can open a support case. Should I mention you?
    (btw i also copied the post here, but now disappeared…)

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