Custom Domains Deep Dive

Hi Everyone, Throughout our documentation, we emphasize that we recommend using custom domains – bringing your own domain for the external URL rather than using the domain we provide. To help make the value and configuration of custom domains clearer, below is a deep dive – starting with some FAQs and then moving into…


Access Panel Extension for Application Proxy

Hi Everyone, We have a very exciting release today – the Access Panel extension for Application Proxy. This enables your users to access applications directly through internal URLs, even when outside your corporate network. The extension can now recognize requests to URLs that match the published internal URL for an application assigned to the user….


Understanding CORS Issues

CORS can sometimes present challenges to the Applications/Apis published via the Azure AD Application Proxy. There are many options to resolve these issues with ease, and in this blog we share those options as well as provide another look at understanding CORS. What is CORS? Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is a W3C standard that…


Websocket Feedback Request

Hi Everyone, Many of you are trying the websocket support we announced recently in Public Preview. As we look towards GA, we would love to get more of your feedback on how the preview is going and what apps you’d like to see us support next. If you have tried the new websocket support, or…


Limited Websocket Support now in Public Preview

Hi Folks, Many of you have been asking for websocket support, and I’m excited to share that we now have limited support available in a public preview! To join this public preview, there are just two steps: Publish an application. There are no unique publishing requirements for websocket applications, so publish this application the same…


Wildcard publishing and Powershell cmdlets now Generally Available

Hi All, Last month we announced two features in public preview. I’m excited to share that both of those features, wildcard application publishing and Powershell cmdlets, are now Generally Available. Many of you already joined us for the preview, but below is a reminder on how you can start using those features today. App Proxy…


Wildcard Application Publishing Deep Dive

Hi Everyone, Earlier this month we announced support for wildcard (*) application publishing. In this blog, we’ll take a moment to go over this in more depth. As a reminder, you can use wildcards(*) to publish many applications at once. Wildcards also let you apply the same settings such as authentication method and user assignment…


Powershell for Application Proxy now in Public Preview

Hello Everyone, Many of you have been looking for a way to automate your Application Proxy deployments, and now you can with Powershell support! Using the new cmdlets will also help you build and maintain a standardized and predictable process for deploying Application Proxy applications in your environment.     You can get the new module here….


Wildcard Application Publishing in Public Preview

Hello Everyone, To make application deployment easier and reduce your administrative overhead, we now support the ability to publish applications using wildcards! To publish a wildcard application you can follow the standard application publishing flow, but use a wildcard in the internal and external URLs. To learn more, including how to create exceptions to a…


URL Rewrite/Link Translation for Applications Now Available!

Hello Folks, One of the most popular Azure AD Application Proxy requests we get is for a link/URL translation  feature – and it’s now available for you! Many applications that customers want to publish through Application Proxy have hardcoded internal links embedded in the HTML body of the application. When the app is remotely accessed…