TrueSkill Through Time

In December 2007, we published a paper about the application of TrueSkill to all recorded data of professional and semi-professional Chess play from 1850 to 2006. The dataset can be obtained from ChessBase. We are very happy to be able to release the F# source code that performed all these massive computations. A few things…


Silicon Minds Challenge (+ submission sample)

On the 8th December 2007 the Silicon Minds challenge was launched at the Machine Learning and Games workshop of the NIPS conference in the picturesque Canadian ski resort of Whistler. The challenge is to push the limits of Artificial Intelligence while building a game with XNA Game Studio 2.0. The main prize an opportunity to interview for an internship with Microsoft…


Schedule Tasks in Windows XP

We have an F# console app which processes some gigabytes of data over a couple of hours. We wanted to run this on a specific machine daily in the early hours of the morning. The easy answer Windows XP’s Scheduled Tasks. Just click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks….