First Halo 3 Multiplayer Details Emerge!

I am a big fan of Halo and Halo 2 so I was very pleased to see several gaming pages starting to report details of the Halo 3 multiplayer (originally printed in a Swedish gaming magazine). The "man-cannon" and the "Moongoose" sound like amazing fun! And, the Assault Rifle of Halo CE seems to be back: Hoorahh!

Well, it will still be some time until the game is released so in the meantime I will go back to play Splinter Cell: Double Agent. I am a fan of this series since its first incarnation and have played the story of every title (Splinter Cell 1/Pandorra Tomorrow/Chaos Theory) - I just finished the Shanghai level on Double Agent. I really like the "NSA/JBA trust bars" and think that it adds a great deal of "non"-linearity to the gameplay (at least for me). However, on the multiplayer side, I am disappointed to see SC:DA using an experienced based ranking system rather than TrueSkill. Well, I will give it a shot tonight and report on my findings.

Ralf Herbrich

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