Erik van der Werf on AI Techniques for the Game of Go

Erik van der Werf came and visited the Applied Games group on November 27th/28th 2006. Erik gave a very interesting presentation with an overview of his work on computer Go. The focus of his work was on search techniques (solving 5×5 Go) and on machine learning techniques for territory and move prediction. Erik’s homepage contains…


3 Days in Vancouver

The Neural Information Processing Systems conference has just finished. There were a lot of interesting talks and posters (we spare you the entire list of talks and posters, they can be found here). The most hands-on research could be seen in the demonstration track; a number of interesting demos included: The Vocal Joystick MoGo, one of…


Reward Driven Racing in Cambridge

I just completed my 12 week internship in the Applied Games Group. I was working with Ralf, Thore and Phil on applying model-based reinforcement learning to race car driving. This is one of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on. Next to my workstation I had an XBox 360 development kit hooked up to a…


Schedule Tasks in Windows XP

We have an F# console app which processes some gigabytes of data over a couple of hours. We wanted to run this on a specific machine daily in the early hours of the morning. The easy answer Windows XP’s Scheduled Tasks. Just click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks….


Dealing with Terabytes of Data in F#

In one of our current projects our algorithms we have to process close to 1 TB (Terabyte) of raw (ASCII) logs. Fortunately, the only analysis we need to do is to go once through all the data and collect a small number of statistics per log line (think, for example counting the number of log lines…


First Halo 3 Multiplayer Details Emerge!

I am a big fan of Halo and Halo 2 so I was very pleased to see several gaming pages starting to report details of the Halo 3 multiplayer (originally printed in a Swedish gaming magazine). The “man-cannon” and the “Moongoose” sound like amazing fun! And, the Assault Rifle of Halo CE seems to be back:…


Meeting the Press: Gaming with Katie Ledger and Steve Clayton

Yesterday, we had some prominent visitors: Katie Ledger and Steve Clayton of PTS-TV. PTS-TV is a UK project to connect with the tens of thousands of Microsoft Partners in a new way (inspired by Channel 9). Katie and Steve interviewed both Thore and me about our work on TrueSkill for almost an hour – in…


All the Hot News Directly from Microsoft Research Cambridge

Welcome to our blog! We are the Applied Games group at Microsoft Research Ltd, Cambridge, UK, and this place will be used by all our team members to post about our day-to-day work. Posts will range from machine learning, video gaming to software development, including news about our favourite programming language F#. Some of us already have…