VDI and streaming the OS

I'm continuing to get lots of interest in application virtualization and in particular VDI - hosting the entire desktop and a user simply "remotes" to their desktop in the cloud / datacenter.  Spent some time with Citrix, who is a close partner of Microsoft and the MTCs. 

 We deployed an interesting solution that makes me want to revisit the whole "stream the OS to the desktop" scenario.  With Citrix added on to Windows Server 2008, you can boot from an ISO image.  We use that here to avoid some conflicts with an existing demo, where we boot the ISO and start up a VHD, and then connect the user to the VHD for their VDI experience. 

But this got me thinking... if i can boot to an ISO, i'm in effect streaming the OS down to the workstation.  if i create my own special ISO image, and can send it down as the workstation boots, we can basically operate a diskless workstation.

So, now that the environment is up & running here, i need to spend some time with this to see how this could enable some solutions in highly unmanaged environments (retail scenarios, fast food chain restaurants, etc.).  Stay tuned.

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