Windows Defender Beta 2: Updated Version Available

An updated version of Windows Defender Beta 2 is now available from the Microsoft Download Center. This update resolves the two issues described in the below blog post relating to non-English versions of Windows and referenced in KB915087.  If you are running on a non-English version of Windows, then we advise that you uninstall the previous installation and install the updated version.  If you are running on an English version of Windows, then no action is required.

Also, a new definition update package is now available from Microsoft Update which should resolve the problem described in KB915105.  Users with Automatic Updates enabled will be notified of the availability of the release in a manner consistent with their Automatic Updates settings.

Comments (4)

  1. GregA says:

    Is it possible to get an update that allows us to choose where/how we want WD to update?  This would be between Windows Update and the way the previous version did it.

  2. Arnald says:

    I can’t see any of the previously disabled startup programs. Also, I am not able to enable the previously disabled programs.

    Can you tell me how to do this?


  3. Griz says:

    Well, lets start off by putting in my 2 cents on the SysTray Icon debate. The best resolution is a "no-brainer". Make it user configurable. Now this brings up another debatable issue. Should it be turned on by default or not? I would say the default should be set to "ON". "Non-Super Geek Users" these days are "USED" to getting a tray icon, so let’s be conservative on that side. If some power user doesn’t like having his tray cluttered, allow him to turn it off. (Why doesn’t ALL of the software in the world allow this???)

    Second, the "dummie’d down" user interface is too spartan. Most "Smith" users, once they install something rarely, "get under the hood" and tinker with such things. They only care that they are protected, and that the app does what it is advertized to do. So I’d vote for a more configurable interface similar to what we saw with MS Anti-Spyware Beta to satisfy all of use "Super-Geeks".

    Third, there needs to be some type of visual cue that Defender "IS" indeed downloading and installing it’s updates. The first time I did this, (especially with BETA software, that you are brand new to using) I immediately wondered if it was acutally updating, or had simply crashed. Average user’s need a visual cue, how about bringing back the animated satellite anntenne?

    Fourth, what happened to the browser hi-jacking protection?!? Are you kidding me, this was one of the coolest aspects of MS Anti-Spyware if you ask me. Why was it removed? You should definitely re-think THAT decision.

    Fifth, the brick wall icon. I have to admit, as a guy with over 20 years of computer based graphic design under my belt, this was a "lame" excuse of an icon. And believe me, icon design is something "coders" have NEVER been strong at, and you’ve proved me right AGAIN. 🙂

    Seriously, the brick wall is lame, surely someone on the team can come up with something better. I mean, looking at the icon in the task tray right now, my first impression is of the old styro-foam inter-locking building blocks that I used to play with as a kid back in the 70’s. Worse, it looks more like a crown than a wall. And the icon should have a larger, more detailed version actually viewable in the GUI interface. With a new product, the best thing you can do is QUICKLY get users to associate the product with a logo. Loose the Vista logo in the GUI, and replace it with a better logo that is Defender’s alone.

    Now, new things that I "DO" like. KUDOS for the "Software Explorer" tool. Very nicely done. Great to be able to directly check what is loading at startup, and have the ability to do something about it from directly inside the Defender GUI.

    Ability to update Defender from the Windows Update site. This is another very nice feature. Most "Smith" users are starting to "come around" to taking the time and effort to visit Windows Update, so it’s nice to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, and get your OS, and Defender updated in one swipe.


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