Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility Results Are In

Given the amount of stick that Microsoft has received in the past about HTML standards compliance, well, I think these results really knock the soap box out from under some of the competition that like to trumpet their standards support.

Internet Explorer 9: Testing Center

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  1. …and the 3rd release of the IE9 platform preview scored 83/100 (up from 55 on the last preview release) so the IE team are making great improvements on this particular benchmark.

  2. @Bob – The Acid tests are hardly about broad standards compliance (I won't rehash the whole debate that it is more about compensation failures) which is the point of the above testing so I don't see why anyone would expect an unrelated set of test results to be published side by side. But to your point, yes, IE has traditionally performed poorly in the Acid tests (11-12/100), however, I encourage you to review the current IE9 platform preview results where the results are already up around 55/100 and there is still a significant amount of work to go on IE9 before release!

    If there's one feature I'm really happy to see got a huge amount of attention it was the JavaScript rendering engine which was definitely a looooong way behind the others when it came to rendering speed. The current IE9 platform preview is about 6 times faster and now the difference between the top 5 browsers is in the order of around 300ms which, when dealing with the web, is barely perceptable.

  3. Bob Hyatt says:

    yes, sure. yoo bad they do not list the acid test they fail miserably ever since the dawn of the metal age.

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