Internet Explorer 8 scores highest Mean Block Rate for Socially-Engineered Malware… by a country mile!

NSS Labs have just published their latest browser security testing results which show Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) to be the safest browser by a long shot over Chrome 4.0, Safari 4.0, FireFox 3.5 and Opera 10. Amongst the tech crowd there is a stronger adoption of FireFox, and more recently Chrome, for a number of reasons: the ABM folks (ABM = anything but Microsoft), those that have heavy reliance on FireFox add-ins, those that feel they render faster/better than IE8, etc. Where we do get into trouble though is when we push our personal preference onto non-tech family and friends. We are good at avoiding 'bad stuff' on the internet; they are not so good. So, irrespective of our personal preferences, this NSS Labs report really does support the stance that IE8 is the best choice for these people. So, avoid those trips and inconvenient phone calls to help recover pwned machines.

Comparative Browser Security Testing - Phishing & Socially Engineered Malware -

Recommend IE8 and stay safe 🙂

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