TechReady update – Day 4

Had to miss first sessions while I went and sat my 70-646 PRO: Windows Server 2008: Server Administrator (smashed it).

First session after lunch on security products, the funny takeaway for me was a published analyst whitepaper which is available on the internet called "Benchmarking Security Vendor Infrastructure and Stability" (Bing it, you'll find it broadly cross-posted). So, go take a look at it, then do the following

  1. Position yourself at the top of the PDF document

  2. Position your mouse cursor in the white space above the whitepaper title (i.e. above 'Benchmarking Security Vendor Infrastructure and Stability')

  3. Drag your mouse... huh? it selects some data?

  4. Copy and Paste it into Notepad

  5. What you will see is "A TBR Whitepaper sponsored by Symantec"

OK, so there's nothing wrong with vendors getting analysts to do studies and publish whitepapers, but to so deceptively 'disclose' this fact by putting it in white text on white background? That's quality... 😛



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