Announcement: Upcoming Release – Daughter 2017

Not necessarily "tech", but figure this would be a good "first post."

So, about 4 months ago (late June), I sent the following email out (MS-internal)...

Proud to announce that Casa de Gutierrez is well over a third of the way through developing Daughter 2017. Official RTW (release to world) is Dec 5, but as with previous products (Daughter 2008 and Daughter 2009), delivery will be scheduled 1-2 weeks earlier (sometime between Nov 20 & Nov 30). Final date to be determined by delivery management team with consideration of product maturity, holidays and other contributing factors.

At that time, potentially a few days prior, I will commence work-stoppage and assume responsibility for all CDG operations; to ensure developer has no distractions, existing products are taken care of and CDG facilities are in proper order. This period of non-work will be approximately 6 weeks; resumption of "work" is tentatively scheduled on or about Jan 8, 2018. As it is still early in to the dev cycle, post-release product support requirements are unknown and limited staff on hand (no parent companies to rely on), this time-frame may change. Further details will be provided as new information is gathered.

All concerned parties are very happy. D08 & D09 are very excited about D17. They did not want a dissimilar product type; this would have apparently caused major incompatibilities.

Note that the developer is doing well (no ill effects thus far) and product has met all milestones. Expectation is that this will continue to be the trend for the remainder of the dev cycle.

A bit scary, but we are now 31 days out from RTW (Nov 30)! Work-stoppage officially starts Nov 17, so we will hopefully be prepared. Otherwise, everything appears to be on track and good to go. Exciting times!!!

More to follow...

Comments (2)

  1. Ed says:

    Let’s hope no last minute bugs in the code or show stoppers!

    1. AntGut says:

      Nope. D17 delivered without issues, 2 days earlier than planned. Almost 3 months in, everything going well and product maturing as expected. Active/rest cycles not quite consistent, but these will eventually fall in place.

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