Where Did AntGut Go?

With the passing of time, things change. It’s inevitable. In IT, this seems to be even more accelerated than the “real world” and very little if anything can remain static and relevant at the same time. Some historians believe that purging these “dead” artefacts from the digital world may be detrimental to our future generations….


SPS 2013, Host Name Site Collection Caching Fix in KB 3114945

Short and to the point… KB 3114945 (April 12, 2016, update for SharePoint Foundation 2013) lists the following issue as being fixed: Assume that you sign in a host name site collection and then other site collections in the same web application. If the host name site collection is deleted and the cached user token…


Announcement: Upcoming Release – Daughter 2017

Not necessarily “tech”, but figure this would be a good “first post.” So, about 4 months ago (late June), I sent the following email out (MS-internal)… Proud to announce that Casa de Gutierrez is well over a third of the way through developing Daughter 2017. Official RTW (release to world) is Dec 5, but as…