Integrating MDT 2012 RTM with Configuration Manager 2012 RTM – Part 2 : Configuring Integration

To configure the integration between MDT 2012 and SCCM 2012:

1. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

2. Select Configure ConfigMgr Integration


On the first screen, fill out details of configuration manager Primary site server and click Next (Use the removal option if you had any previous integration in place)


Review installation results and make sure it completed successfully and click Finish.


To verify the integration:

  1. Open Configuration Manager server console from the Primary site server which you selected during the MDT 2012 integration process. It will not be visible from the Central site server or any other primary site server, if you have multi server infrastructure.
  1. Go to Software Library > Operating Systems and right click on Task Sequences
  1. Notice the new option to Create MDT Task Sequence



In next posts I'll talk about configuring User Driven installation using MDT 2012 and SCCM 2012. Stay Tuned!

Comments (8)

  1. Integrating MDT 2012 and SCCM 2012 together provides you with User Driven Installation (UDI) feature. With UDI, you can allow your end users interact with some of the OS deployment steps i.e. naming their machines, choosing OU, choosing applications etc based on their needs. SCCM admin controls what level of interaction to provide to end users and this gives a great flexibility in the OS deployment solution for an organization.

    prefer to install MDT on the SCCM site server itself if you're planning for UDI. If not, then you can try adding MDT computer account to local administrators group on SCCM site server. Also i would recommend to follow MDT document library.

  2. Mike Crowley says:

    When I run the "Configure ConfigMgr Integration", I only have the option to remove the custom action definitions.  The first two bubbles are greyed out.

  3. ogeccut: are you performing this on the primary site server itself or on a remote server. Secondly check if the account you're using does have sufficient rights on the CM site server and you can use the same account you used for CM installation.

  4. Ogeccut says:

    I am not able to Enter Site server name and Site code. I have then entered but there is still a red mark as Missing?

    What am i missing? Thank you.

  5. Mike Crowley says:

    I figured it out.  You guys have the wrong link on the MDT page.  It goes to 2010, which doesn't work with 2012 integration.  Please ask someone to fix this:…/dd407791

  6. Adam Bokiniec says:

    Can someone explain why you want to integrate MDT 2012 into SCCM? Why not use SCCM own task sequence and deployment method?

  7. Jon K. says:

    I am getting File Access errors when trying to install this.  Do these machines have to be admins of each other?  Can someone help with this?

  8. D_Good says:

    I have managed to get MDT integrated into my SCCM2012 on the server, but the MDT options do not show up in my configuration manager menus on my remote SCCM console on my workstation. Do I need to also install MDT2012 on my workstation and integrate it there as well?

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