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Application Platform Knowledge Hub

Albert Einstein once remarked that you don’t need to remember everything, you just needed to remember where to look.  When it comes to learning about Microsoft products this can sometimes be harder than it ought to be and what resources there are can be fragmented so you do have to remember where to look.  That’s… Read more

NO SQL Server

I spent last Thursday at Black Marble’s Architect Forum and my slot was on SQL, NoSQL, some SQL. It went down very well but I used OneNote on my tablet not PowerPoint and like all modern art my drawing needs a bit of explaining.. Databases were originally used to  store transactions which are highly structured, … Read more

IT Process Automation for Microsoft System Center

a guest post by Greg Charman, Technical Solutions Professional, Microsoft UK In December 2009 Microsoft acquired Opalis, a specialist provider of IT Process Automation (ITPA) software.   The Opalis product is currently in the process of being fully integrated into the System Center family of datacenter management products. IT Process Automation (ITPA), also known as Run… Read more

Data Tier Applications

I have a confession to make; I have been doing a little bit of development! I wanted to check out one of the new features in Visual Studio 2010 / SQL Server 2008 R2, data tier application projects (confusingly shortened to DAC). Essentially this is a simple lift and shift capability that allows a developer… Read more

Web Development & SQL Server Express part 3 – Development

In part 3 of my odyssey into the world of express development I’m ready to actually start development.  I have a virtual machine (vm) with Microsoft’s free web development kit installed which comprises Visual Studio 2008 express for development and SQL Server 2008 express for my data repository.  On top of this I also selected… Read more