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Dell and Hyper-V for the smaller business

Over the last month I have been on tour with Dell showing what Hyper-V can do for small/medium businesses,  and later this week I’ll be with them in Falmouth.  The argument they put forward for Hyper-V is really simple: You want use a new server for virtualisation, and now that moderns servers can run ten… Read more

Event: IT Camp Leeds Feb 28th

Back in December Simon and I invited a few friends along to help us beta test a different kind of event, an IT Camp.  The idea is simply to do smaller, more interactive events where discussions and questions are encouraged.  The presenters, (Simon and I) being a bit more in the background.  The first of… Read more


Data Transformation Services is the bit of SQL Server that helped pay for my house, car and some really nice holidays.  I first got to use it some 12 years ago and after working with BCP (bulk copy program) it was just so easy, I was sucking data out of AS400/RPG, Oracle and Sybase to… Read more

Some SQL Server 2012 upgrade advice for ISVs

I have spent a lot if time recently briefing Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on SQL Server 2012,so I thought a consolidated post on the subject might be useful for those planning to develop solutions on top of SQL Server 2012.  New Features that will just work By this I mean there are some new things… Read more

SQL Server 2012 editions and dependencies

You may have seen that there are going to be some changes to the way SQL Server 2012 is licensed and the editions available, if you haven’t then the detail is here.  What I want to cover off in this post is what the various new features depend on so you are clear on what… Read more

Farewell old friend–time to say goodbye to SQL Server 2005

It always nice to see historic aircraft , and vintage cars out and about rather than stuck in museums, the noise and even the smell of castor oil add to this nostalgia. However keeping them going requires a lot of effort  and keeping them current with modern rules means that a Fokker triplane will need… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory – Offline Domain Join

I was in Leeds yesterday at the Virtual machine User Group.. Alan and I were handing out a few Windows Server 2008 R2 architecture posters, when Tom Howarth  a well known virtual machine expert, spotted the Offline Domain Join feature.  He thought this would be really useful in provisioning client virtual machines for VDI. In… Read more

IE 9 it’s not an upside down IE6

My first love is art and the great thing about my current role is that I can use my creativity to help explain what can be done with Microsoft technology.Just last week our marketing team decided to give me a whole stand to draw all over at the Web Directions event last week at the… Read more

SQL Server upgrade perception and reality

I had two contrasting conversation about upgrade to SQL Server 2008 yesterday. A good friend of mine Darren is keen to use SQL Server 2008 for his new projects because he understands how it makes much better use of the many cores available on his new servers and works well with Windows Server 2008.  Conversely… Read more

SQL Server Lifecycle and Support

My post announcing the next version of SQL Server picked up a couple of comments and rather than squeeze my reply in another comment I thought i would make it into a post. Most customers started adopting SQL Server 2000 in 2001/2. Back in those days my laptop had 256Mb RAM coupled with a Pentium… Read more