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Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I  think a lot of people, IT Professionals included are worried about the year ahead, so here are some likely problems and my new year resolutions: Energy prices are spiralling This means the cost of moving whole atoms rather than just electrons is even more pronounced than ever, so moving data ( a stream of… Read more

Education education education at BETT 2010

I have spent the last four days on the Microsoft stand at a huge education show (BETT 2010) to field technical questions on Windows 7 and Office 2010. I take my hat off to the IT Pro’s working in schools as they have to cope with all kinds of applications and hardware and usually there… Read more

OCS 2007 r2, great Anti Virus Software

At Microsoft we are all on Office Communications Server which makes for a great anti-virus experience.  Yep it stops viruses spreading by allowing people to work at home when they feel they need to work to hit a deadline, but are really too ill to work in the office.  This avoids spreading whatever lurgy they… Read more

You Know when you’ve been Tanjayed

Eileen has kitted us out with the new Tanjay IP phones and I have just made room on my desk at home for it!  Annoyingly I had signed up for BT’s home hub before joining Microsoft doh! The good stuff is that we can see who’s out there either on the display..   or from… Read more