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So you want to be a Data Scientist

In the dark days of the last millennium data scientists were serious statisticians using exotic hardware, expensive software and were largely isolated from the rest of the organisations they worked for.  Today the cloud and open source languages like R & Python have made this technology available to anyone curious enough to be interested in… Read more

Lab Ops 2–The Lee-Robinson Script

In my last post I mentioned how Marcus Robinson & had adapted PowerShell scripts by Thomas Lee to build a set of VMs to run a course in a reliable and repeatable way.  With Marcus’s permission I have put that Setup Script on SkyDrive, however he has a proper day job running his gold partnership… Read more

Bi Product

I have just read Paul Gregory’s guest post for the TechNet Flash, and the two things that caught my eye was to be bi-lingual and to keep your skills up to date.  I put these two themes together and came up with the title for this post which essentially means being skilled in more than… Read more

So You want to be an Evangelist

With my job title of Evangelist I often get asked about what my roles, both inside and outside of the Microsoft firewall.  In the 2 weeks I have presented to the Leeds VM User Group (, done a careers chat at a Science college, produced and presented at TechDays Online nd attended SQL Bits 11….. Read more

MCSE for SQL Server

I have to be honest I gave up getting certified before I joined Microsoft mainly because the exams didn’t keep up with the release of SQL Server specifically the Business intelligence exams. I then had the same problem as an evangelist I was working on the next release of the SQL or Windows Server. However… Read more

Windows Server 2012 IT camps

I have been out in the US for the past four weeks, and during my absence the rest of the UK TechNet team have filled my diary with various events including the next series of IT camps.  These camps will all be  on Windows Server 2012 specifically around how virtualisation changes in this release not… Read more

Notes from IT Camp, Leeds 28th Feb

Simon and I did our first IT camp in Leeds on Tuesday, and I would like to say thank you to those that cam along as you were the beta testers for this new kind of event.  As you can see we had a much more informal setup of groups of 8 or 9 around… Read more

Data Centre Resource Planning and System Center 2012

Most of us like have the proper tools for the job; trying to undo Phillips screws with a penknife, using your gold card to get the ice off the windscreen or using notepad to write F# is no fun. I would argue that the proper tool for running a modern Data Centre is System Center… Read more

Exploiting Orchestrator – Tips to avoid the hidden bear traps

Following on from my last post about getting started with System Center 2012 Orchestrator, I asked a good friend of mine Greg Charman from Kelverion, to share some of his experience.   System Center 2012 Orchestrator and its predecessor Opalis 6.3 are a very new subject to many IT Professionals and using IT Process Automation… Read more

Application Platform Knowledge Hub

Albert Einstein once remarked that you don’t need to remember everything, you just needed to remember where to look.  When it comes to learning about Microsoft products this can sometimes be harder than it ought to be and what resources there are can be fragmented so you do have to remember where to look.  That’s… Read more