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SQL Bits 11 – Notes & Queries

If you didn’t manage to fight your fight your way through the Everton & Liverpool fans to SQL Bits I thought you might like to see some of the random questions I got asked.. How do I manage SQL Azure? I think the key thing about developing for the cloud is to ensure that your… Read more

SQL Server on Windows Server Core – part 1 Server Core installation

A while ago I got SQL Server (only the database engine) running on Server core and then found out that this wasn’t going to  be a supported scenario for SQL Server 2008 R2.  However with the launch of SQL Server Denali this will be supported scenario but now it’s a little more complicated to do…. Read more

Support calls in TechNet Subscriptions

If you are an IT professional working with Microsoft products you need a TechNet subscription in the same way you need food.  A TechNet subscription shouldn’t be confused with the publicly available TechNet site (including this blog)  and it isn’t just a bunch of license keys either.  One of the least known features is the… Read more

You get a lot more than you pay for

Microsoft’s approach to stuff is to ship the basic product as part of a license and then provide you with lots of other add-ins, packs, resource kits and so on which are all free to use on top of what you just paid for e.g. Windows has the Live platform which gives you basic photo… Read more

Free stuff SQL Server Courses & Software

I knew that there were a few course on SQL Server 2008 on the Microsoft training site: Course 2778A: Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Transact—SQL Course 6231A: Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Course 6232A: Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Course 6234A: Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis… Read more

Server Quest

The word is out that I am the PC Gamer in Eileen’s team. I started on a Pr1me computer that had a Star Trek game where the enterprise was 0-<= and the klingons were +—=. Later came the PC with colour and graphics, with such classics from Sierra Games as Space Quest and Police Quest… Read more

TechNet Subscription- Shameless Plug

One of the challenges of modern working life is reconciling individual effort with team achievement.  I have the good fortune to work in a great team, but we are not above a little competition every now and then. We have all been given a code which you can use when buying your TechNet Plus subscription… Read more

TechNet Mile High Club

British Airways not only run Vista for the in flight entertainment system, They also serve up TechNet on it… I am not sure if this is an exclusive service on the Heathrow – Seattle flights or just part of the normal service.  I also noticed that the keynote guest speaker at Techready 06, Michio Kaku,… Read more

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the TechNet Forum

Forums (fora for Latin geeks) date back to well before Microsoft and even Frankie Howerd. TechNet has a raft of forums  on almost every Microsoft technology as it affects IT professionals where you can get and give help.  Both MVP’s and Microsoft product guys keep watch on these so you can usually get a good… Read more