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SQL Server 2008 Unleashed

Although the official UK launch of SQL Server 2008 merged in with the launches of Windows Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008 back in March, we wanted to celebrate the actual release as well.  So please join us in TVP on 10th September for SQL Server Unleashed. The day is aimed at the DBA and… Read more

SQL Server Starvation

During our current round of TechNet road shows we are focusing on Windows Server 2008 and I open my session with a trailer from Maclaren. This shows how they use SQL Server 2008 and I did this because there will be a lot more SQL Server content on the next road show which should be… Read more

Mini Computing

The IT Pro team will be talking to over 2,000 of you over the next couple weeks as we embark on our sold out TechNet road show.  The bread van (as the rest of the team refer to my eccentric choice in transport) will be putting the mini into mini computing as we haul our… Read more

Upgrading to SQL Server 2008

Back on 19th March I did a presentation on upgrading to SQL Server 2008, as part of the UK Launch event in Birmingham.  I have now got the feedback from this session and I thought it would be interesting to share some of it.  Microsoft’s privacy policy is far more stringent than any organisation I… Read more

SQL Server for Data Mining

SQL Server 2005/2008 has a number of data mining algorithms built in to discover hidden relationships in your data or to use a set of attributes to predict the value of other attributes: Microsoft Association Algorithm. Used to work out which items are most likely to appear together in a transaction, so this is the… Read more

TechNet Road Shows – So long and thanks for all the questions

I am still on the road with our TechNet road shows and being the newish guy I get to open the show with Performance Point (9:45 -11:00)  and then conclude with SQL Server 2008(6:30 – 21:20). I was impressed that in Manchester about two thirds of the evening crowd had also been at the Performance… Read more

The North South Divide

I was made in Scotland, my grandmother is from Newcastle and I only live in the south because my wife hates the cold!  If I did live up north, I am sure I would be complaining, like many people there, that everything happens in London, such as the Olympics and the best shows including of… Read more