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Anywhere Working actually works

It’s Work Anywhere week but working anywhere isn’t working everywhere. By that I mean that not all organisations allow their staff to work away from the office even where this is possible and even sensible. So here’s my bluffers guide as I do this quite a lot. At first sight working away form the office… Read more

Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

I  think a lot of people, IT Professionals included are worried about the year ahead, so here are some likely problems and my new year resolutions: Energy prices are spiralling This means the cost of moving whole atoms rather than just electrons is even more pronounced than ever, so moving data ( a stream of… Read more

SQL Server performance in a virtual world

Despite doing quite a few posts and talks on Virtualising SQL Server, I am still getting the odd comment on earlier posts, so please forgive this if you have heard it all before. Firstly these are my musings on the topic to date: Virtualisation for the DBA part 1  – Are you bovvered? Virtualisation for… Read more

System Centre Configuration Manager 2007 R3– going for green

I have never heard of an R3 of a Microsoft product before so I wanted to know more about what’s in SCCM 2007 R3 now it’s been released.  First of all the R3 suffix is about Microsoft being clear on the differences between release service packs etc.  A release is about added functionality without changes… Read more

Woodland Trust Part 3–the New Building

In my continuing saga on the Woodland Trust I was lucky enough to go to the formal opening of their new building last week.  Unfortunately while all the IT is going smoothly it is the lack of water that is holding up the move, and this means that they can’t bring the new servers online… Read more

Woodland Trust part 2

In my second interview with Lionel Wilson Head of IS  at the Woodland Trust,  I wanted explore what the challenges are of moving from this .. .  into a new sustainable HQ that wouldn’t look out of place in  Grand Designs albeit on a larger scale. It’s packed full of passive and active cooling tech,… Read more

EcoCamp – Working from Home

I took along a Microsoft RoundTable to the EcoCamp I was at over the weekend which sparked off a conversation on the value of working from home. I had always assumed that home working was environmentally sound,  because of the savings in travel.  However one of the discussion group Jim Hensman at Coventry University has… Read more


The best thing about my job is the interesting people I get to meet and this weekend was no exception, because I went to an EcoCamp in Coventry and met an arctic explorer and some amazing industrial designers amongst others. You might wonder what that has got to do with my work? Well strictly nothing,… Read more