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Notes & Queries from TechDays 2011

I have been at TechDays Live all last week and although I did a bit of presenting, I was mainly there to listen and keep the week running smoothly.  I scribbled down a few notes during the various sessions I was in which I thought might be of interest: Easyjet have an amazing set of… Read more

Virtualising SQL Server – a second opinion

I caught a really good presentation from Chris Kranz( and @ckranz),  Principal Solutions Architect responsible for Storage and Virtualisation projects at leading Systems Integrator, Kelway (UK) Ltd. at the Leeds VM user group last month.  Chris first encountered virtualisation technologies back in 2005 with early releases of VMware ESX and has since gained the highest… Read more

SQL Server AlwaysOn in a virtual world

Despite what I posted yesterday about clustering, mirroring is the preferred option for many DBAs in a virtual world although you can of course combine the two.  On the up side mirroring gives you one (and only one) copy of the database in another location which you can’t really use, and failover is instantaneous, the… Read more

SQL Azure Update

The annoying thing about cloud services like SQL Azure is that they keep changing as more features are added. The great thing about cloud services like SQL Azure is that they keep changing as more features are added. So if I write post about version x of SQL Server that has some value while that… Read more

Help stamp out SQL Server neglect

eI am thinking of starting a new royal society the for the protection of cruelty to SQL Server as I am seeing my favourite database suffering a lot of abuse out there as part of the blind rush to virtualisation.  A good example is, Gillian,  a dba I met at SQL Bits who was nearly… Read more

Event Handling for the IT Professional

My diary is solid for the next few weeks as there seem to be a lot of events on. This is good for me as the best bit of my job is swapping ideas and stories with like minded individuals, not to mention the odd lively debate.  I also get the impression that many of… Read more

Bye bye Atlanta, Hello System Center Advisor

One of the many announcements to come out of the recent Microsoft Management Summit was System Center Advisor. Essentially this is Operations Manager (SCOM) in the cloud, so a sort of InTune for servers.  I had a look at the precursor to this, Project Atlanta back in January, but at the time it was just… Read more

Farewell old friend–time to say goodbye to SQL Server 2005

It always nice to see historic aircraft , and vintage cars out and about rather than stuck in museums, the noise and even the smell of castor oil add to this nostalgia. However keeping them going requires a lot of effort  and keeping them current with modern rules means that a Fokker triplane will need… Read more

SQL Server and dynamic memory with Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2 sp1

Running SQL Server in a virtual machine is a good thing for many reasons however there are two basic rules: don’t over commit processors use fixed or pass through disks (i.e. not dynamic one) The guidance from the SQL CAT (SQL Server Customer Advisory Team) doesn’t extend to memory as up until now you can’t… Read more

Getting Started with SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting Services – a guest post by Jess Meats

One of the capabilities of SQL Server is the ability to create and publish rich reports on your data. One of the capabilities of SharePoint Server is the ability to store, manage and provide a portal to documents. Those documents could be your reports. So you have one system letting you create reports and the… Read more