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Microsoft Free Software – a personal top ten

You might think this will would make for a really short article post but actually  there’s a  huge amount of free tools and resource out there and I have had to restrict myself to a top ten across the server and client,  based on what Simon and I have used.  So please feel free to… Read more

Project Atlanta part 2–Installation

Following on from last post I thought I had better fire up Atlanta to see what it cold find out about my demon environment. I made this screencast as I installed and configured it .. It only took a few minutes to get to the stage where I had two servers, one (Oxford-DC, a server… Read more

Getting Started with SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

One of the criticism of SQL Server I hear on occasion is that it’s too big and therefore takes too to long to download and install.  This is partly due to the inclusion of the client tools and other add-ons that are included, for example the BI development studio and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) … Read more

Web Development & SQL Server Express part 3 – Development

In part 3 of my odyssey into the world of express development I’m ready to actually start development.  I have a virtual machine (vm) with Microsoft’s free web development kit installed which comprises Visual Studio 2008 express for development and SQL Server 2008 express for my data repository.  On top of this I also selected… Read more

Web Development & SQL Server Express part 2 Install

My development skills are so old that the term 4GL and client server were the buzzwords of the day back then,  so I thought it was about time I had look at what’s out there now. A quick search on Microsoft web development on Bing got me to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer site…   This… Read more

Web Development & SQL Server Express part 1 Virtual Machine

I see a lot of tweets, and questions on forums about SQL Server Express from developers, particularly around installing it on client versions of windows, so I though I’ll give it a go and see if there is nay truth to the rumours. Rather than try it on  my physical desktop I decided to use… Read more

Putting SQL Server on the MAP

Usually when I mention SQL Server and map in the same blog it’s a post on geospatial data but not today; today I want to talk about assessment and planning your SQL Server infrastructure.  I know of several DBA’s who don’t know how many SQL Servers they have much less what stare they are in… Read more

SQL Server Advent Calendar 22 – Spatial Data

Day 22 of my virtual advent calendar, about stuff I like in SQL Server 2008.. SQL Server 2008 now has data types to store points lines and polygons in 2 spatial data type, Geometry and Geography. I have already posted quite extensively on spatial data, but it is is one of my favourite new things… Read more