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SQL Server 2008 T-SQL – you learn something new everyday

It’s the little thing that make you smile.  I am at TechEd this week at an excellent session by Bob Beauchemin on the T_SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2008. He popped up a slide with the += operator which allows you add a number to itself in common with many other languages so: @MyNumber +=… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Launch & Ship

The most often question I get asked about SQL Server 2008 is when is it out?  If you are in marketing then there is a world wide launch event in Feb 2008 for Windows server 2008, Visual Studio 2008  and SQL Server 2008. Well that’s a bit like the launch of the Mini Clubman on… Read more

SQL Server 2008 sickness

Only in Microsoft could you get a job in evangelism without being religious.  So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there are Microsoft clinics without doctors.  Clinics do provide help and I found one called what’s new in SQL server 2008.  It’ll take a couple of hours to get the cure, but there isn’t… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Webcasts

If you want to get an insight of what’s hot on the next version of Reporting Services, you can’t really do better than get it straight from one of the product managers.  So checkout Jason Carlson the Principal Product Manager for reporting services who is presenting  a webcast on 1 November.  Of course if reporting… Read more

TechNet’s on the Road Again

Following the resounding success of Jame’s and Steve’s virtualisation road shows the IT Pro Evangelist’s are now taking bookings for the next tour and the details are here.  Viral and I are also on tour, which means we can expand our repertoire to wow you with Enterprise Search, Performance Point and SQL Server 2008.  Our… Read more

What’s New in SQL Server 2008

While we are all eagerly awaiting the latest CTP of SQL Server, it might be good to check out this clinic : oh and it’s free by the way!… Read more

SQL Server SOX Compliance

At the SQL Server community evening last week I was asked whether SQL Server is or is going to be SOX compliant.  There are probably some of you thinking that we were discussing baseball so I should explain that Sarbannes Oxley (SOX) is a piece of financial compliance  legislation introduced in the US following the… Read more