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Microsoft Virtual Academy

I don’t think data centre management or the private cloud is particularly difficult to learn, but it could be easier to find out where to start.  Of course if your focus is virtualisation or you only make tools in this space then your site should make this journey pretty straight forward.  However I would argue… Read more

Making sense of SQL Azure reporting

In order to understand why you might want use the new Reporting Services in SQL Azure you need to understand where it fits and in order to do that you need to know a little bit about how reporting services works, and even what it is if you’re new SQL Server but have perhaps heard… Read more

Looking backwards over a decade of Microsoft BI

It was in early 2000 if memory serves that I first used OLAP Services in SQL Server 7 and Cognos Novaview 1.0 and ten years later I wondered, as you do at this time of the year, what has changed and what will the future bring? and specifically  is there a future for the BI… Read more

SQL Bits 7, York registration is now open

SQL Bits 7 – the wonders of SQL is now open for registration.  It’s in York University from 30th September to 2nd October. Why York? Because the organisers try and run some of these outside of the London area (so far Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff) so this time they are off to spread the SQL… Read more

Managing SQL Azure

Effective management of  the cloud is essential, and SQL Azure is no exception to this.  Until a couple of days ago the only way to do this was to fire up SQL Server Management Studio in SQL Server 2008 R2. However the Azure team have now released a public beta of Project Houston a lightweight… Read more