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Looking backwards over a decade of Microsoft BI

It was in early 2000 if memory serves that I first used OLAP Services in SQL Server 7 and Cognos Novaview 1.0 and ten years later I wondered, as you do at this time of the year, what has changed and what will the future bring? and specifically  is there a future for the BI… Read more


One of the fundamental dichotomies in development is the relational world of the database and the object orientated world of services, which sadly spills over into developers and DBA’s not always being the best of friends.  Developers don’t always see the need for a relational database, and the expense of coding to use one is… Read more

SQL Services

I finally got around to editing the videos  I made at SQL Bits Goes Fourth, and first up is Simon Munro of EMC Consulting (Conchango as was) talking about what SQL Services will mean for DBA’s.  I’ve posted it to TechNet Edge so you can pull it down or stream it anyway you want from… Read more

6th Day of Christmas – Armchair Astronomy

I still love to watch the Royal Institute Lectures at Christmas, and I am please to see Microsoft supporting them this year.  In this spirit I wanted to show the Microsoft World Wide Telescope so if you haven’t tried it yet hopefully this will convince you… Technorati Tags: astronomy,telescope On a serious note,  this is… Read more

Business Intelligence for Small Business – Where’s the evidence?

Technorati Tags: softwre plus services,BI,Business intelligence,small business Georgina (Curious George on the TechNet team) sent me some feedback about my last post, she wanted to know was there any evidence to support my assertion that BI was being used more widely in small business. Is there any independent advice from Gartner, IDC, Forrester etc?  Generally… Read more