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SQL Server 2008 Webcasts

If you want to get an insight of what’s hot on the next version of Reporting Services, you can’t really do better than get it straight from one of the product managers.  So checkout Jason Carlson the Principal Product Manager for reporting services who is presenting  a webcast on 1 November.  Of course if reporting… Read more

SQL Server Reporting Services

Reporting Services can be a bit of a pain to configure so here’s a top tip from Saleem Hakani who often sees this issue with his customers: Did you know that when SQL Server service account is configured with a Windows NT account, SQL Server sets various Windows user rights and permissions on several files,… Read more

Illicit Reporting

A big thanks to all the IT professionals out who spotted my poor English in the 27th Sep Technet flash from George and in this post.  Intelli-sense is still no substitute for intelligence, but I do quite like the idea of Illicit feedback rather than elicit feedback! I also got an e-mail questioning whether end… Read more

SQL Server 2008 and end user ad hoc reporting

In my opinion the weak link in reporting services is that there is no tool for information workers to design their own reports and so IT professioanls have to spend a lot of time doing it for them.  I can see there is a place for these reports: They will be accurate or at least give… Read more

One Version of the Truth

One of the most over used phrases in Business Intelligence is “one version of the truth” so I thought it would be good to discuss why it’s important and what IT professionals can do to achieve it.  In an imaginary organisation like adventure works there would be several line of business systems such as a… Read more

What’s the Killer Feature in SQL server 2008?

After the bad news about what’s missing in SQL Server 2008, I thought it would be good to talk about what the most exciting bit is in the new release.  For me this is the next version of Reporting Services.  Reporting Services in SQL server 2005 can do amazing things and has already shaken up the… Read more