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SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP1 released

The first publicly available technical preview of SQL Server 2008 R2 has just been released to TechNet / MSDN subscribers.  As with the development of SQL Server 2008 each successive CTP will have more features in. This CTP’s main feature is the Report Builder 3, and also included multiple machine management and support for 256… Read more

Reporting Services – Nothing to see please move along

Sometimes when you run a report it’s not going to return any rows, perhaps because the user selected a filter for which there is no data, and that needs to be handled properly. Fortunately there’s a simple way to  control the messaging when this occurs to ensure your users know what’s happened and don’t assume… Read more

Five Minutes of Fame

Speaking at SQL Bits is a cool thing to do but may terrify many of you.  Part of this is that you are on stage for an hour and that means a lot of preparation, both content and rehearsal.  So one of the organisers, Martin Bell has come up with a competition to gradually introduce… Read more

SQL Server 2008 sp1 CTP

Service pack 1 of SQL Server2008 is primarily a combination of the three cumulative updates released so far, and has now been released as a public beta (or CTP to use Microsoft speak).  Trying out the public ctp will enable you to apply all of these at once as well as doing providing a slipstream… Read more

Exporting Data, the Right tool for the Right job

I have just been following a thread about using reporting services 2005 to produce a 55,000 row excel spreadsheet. The initiator of the thread was concerned that the report was locking up and was looking for a fix. I could suggest migrating to SQL Server 2008 as it has much better memory management and pipelining… Read more

Licensing and Scaling up SQL Server BI

Both Standard and Enterprise editions of SQL Server come with a lot more than just a database engine, there’s also a suite of BI tools: Integration Services (SSIS) Reporting Services (SSRS) Analysis Services (SSAS) which you are also licensed to use on the same server as the database engine.  That might be OK for a… Read more

Reporting Services, the Need for Speed

As I have mentioned before Reporting Services (SSRS) in SQL Server 2008 has been completely re-architected, but how does that affect its performance. Firstly it’s important to understand what what reporting services is – a web service to render and deliver data in a structured manner either in tables or as graphs charts etc.  So… Read more

End User/ Self Service BI

The idea of letting users design their own BI fills many experts with equal dread and delight.  On the one hand users know exactly what they want and the IT professional is freed from the drudgery of endlessly tinkering with content. On the other end users don’t really understand the intricacies of their data, and… Read more