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Microsoft VDA and Windows Embedded – A game changer for VDI?

If you are following me on Twitter then you may have noticed that a few of my friends are reviewing a book I am writing on VDI for PackT.  I wanted to write this up as a one shop stop on all you needed to know about implementing Microsoft based VDI using the various Remote… Read more

Evaluate This–Remote Desktop Services

In my last post I showed how easy it is to create virtual desktops in Windows Server 2012, and while that’s now a core part of providing remote desktops to your users there is still the good old fashioned terminal services, or to give its modern name Remote Desktop Services (RDS). RDS also changes quite… Read more

Evaluate This–VDI

Microsoft is serious about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and the first sign of this in Windows server is when you try and add a role or feature..   If you opt for install Remote Desktop Services Installation and select Virtual Desktops as in my short screencast you can see that a lot of work has gone… Read more

Educated desktops

Simon and I have spent most of last week on stand duty at BETT one of the largest education events in the world. We were there to field questions from teachers and some of the hardest working IT Professionals, those supporting the IT in schools.  Agility is essential to cope with the new influx of… Read more

Microsoft VDI – it exists and it works

I really enjoy going to technical community events even the ones that are run by Vmware, but you would think from the Vmware ones that Microsoft doesn’t have a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution at all.  I don’t intend to turn this blog into a feature comparison of the two or anything like that I… Read more

BETT Notes and queries

I am at BETT the largest education IT show in Europe for primary and secondary education , and attended by many IT Professionals who work in schools. As you can imagine we get a lot of very interesting questions and Simon and I are there to field them as best we can. I also had… Read more

Woodland Trust Part 3–the New Building

In my continuing saga on the Woodland Trust I was lucky enough to go to the formal opening of their new building last week.  Unfortunately while all the IT is going smoothly it is the lack of water that is holding up the move, and this means that they can’t bring the new servers online… Read more

Remote desktop and VDI

In my post yesterday I showed I gave you an introduction to Remote Desktop Services, today I want to contrast and compare a traditional remote desktop approach with the shiny new thing that is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI),  in order to understand when to use them. First of all why would you use either of… Read more

An introduction to Remote Desktop Services options

I am sometimes confused when things get renamed, but it made a lot of sense for Microsoft to  renamed Terminal Services to Remote Desktop Services as it has changed out of all recognition from where it started.  In fact we made this simple video to show how much has changed in Windows Server 2008 R2… Read more

A quick word on Remote Desktop for demos

I use Remote Desktop a lot for my demos and whether this is in person or when making videos this makes a lot of sense: When I am making screen casts  running something like Expression Encoder or Camtasia in a virtual machine(VM)  or alongside a hypervisor is never going to be a good thing. You’ll… Read more