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SQL Server Advent Calendar 9 – Management with Powershell

Day 9 of my virtual advent calendar, about stuff I like in SQL Server 2008.. Many SQL Server databases are managed by part time or accidental DBA’s, who have a whole bunch of other duties possibly including networking, active directory, SharePoint and Exchange.   As well as learning about what these all do part time DBA’s… Read more

Analysis Services debugging& tuning

I keep recommending IT Professionals to check out codeplex for the various samples that are on there to make life easier, but I haven’t been on there myself for a couple of weeks (doh!).  This site has largely taken the place of the resource kits that used to come out for use with Windows, SQL… Read more

On the Fourth Day Of Christmas an IT Pro sent to me…

Four Jolly Nerds (Nerd no. 4 is drawing the cartoon) PowerShell is going to change the way servers are managed when it ships with Windows Serve 2008.  There is already a thriving PowerShell user group in the UK who are itching to play with PowerShell when this is is available in SQL Server 2008 CTP6. … Read more