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Lab Ops – part 1 Introduction

For some people building demo setups is a part of the job,  for example Trainers pre-sales Technical roles and evangelists like me.  Everything shifts as these evolve for example a beta product comes out and we need to show new concepts that the technology introduces, for example software defined networking in Windows Server 2012 R2… Read more

Installing SQL Server in a Virtual World

I do get occasional feedback that SQL Server is hard to install, all those screens all those checkboxes etc. etc.  This is simply a reflection that there is so much in SQL Server aside form the database engine, however if you know what you want and you are doing this regularly then script it, if… Read more

Server 4024 part 2 – Management

In the second post in this series I wanted to look at how changes to the way you manage things in Windows Server 2012 (WS 2012) affects your management of SQL Server 2012 (SQL 2012). Multi Server Management Traditionally to manage the OS we used to remote desktop onto every server we managed and applied… Read more

PowerShell convert

Back in the day I worked with this amazing guy James O’Neill (@jamesoneill)  who really got into PowerShell and had it doing all sorts of clever things like geo tagging his dive photos based on data form his watch and camera.  On the serious side he developed a PowerShell Configurator (which is still on Codeplex)with… Read more

Event: IT Camp Leeds Feb 28th

Back in December Simon and I invited a few friends along to help us beta test a different kind of event, an IT Camp.  The idea is simply to do smaller, more interactive events where discussions and questions are encouraged.  The presenters, (Simon and I) being a bit more in the background.  The first of… Read more

Bye bye Atlanta, Hello System Center Advisor

One of the many announcements to come out of the recent Microsoft Management Summit was System Center Advisor. Essentially this is Operations Manager (SCOM) in the cloud, so a sort of InTune for servers.  I had a look at the precursor to this, Project Atlanta back in January, but at the time it was just… Read more

Active Directory for Demos

Are you bored setting up domain controllers for your demos to work with, not sure of all the prompts to fill in then try this on a clean copy of Windows Server 2008 R2.. Create a text file called NewDC.txt and copy this into it.. [DCINSTALL] InstallDNS=Yes NewDomain=forest10 DomainNetBiosName=domain ForestLevel=3 DomainLevel=3 DatabasePath=%systemroot%\NTDS Logpath=%systemroot%\LOG RebootonCompletion=yes… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory–Recycle Bin

With  Recycle Bin now available I may now be able to get a job in Active Directory, as it provides recovery form the sort of finger trouble I occasionally suffer from.  To use it you need to turn on the feature and this ironically cannot be undone, as it changes the way deletes are handled… Read more

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory – PowerShell

Following on from yesterday’s post I realised that I had made a couple of other active directory screencasts, which might be useful.  Probably the most important  feature for me would be the new recycle bin, but before I get to that you need to understand that like the newer versions of Exchange, some nobs and… Read more

Boot from VHD – help is at hand

I have mentioned the process of booting to a VHD before and if you have tried it you’ll know it’s a bit fiddly and there is potential to cripple your machine if you’re not careful.  I was discussing this with one of the newer members of my division Software Architect Dave Bishop and he has… Read more