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Application Platform Knowledge Hub

Albert Einstein once remarked that you don’t need to remember everything, you just needed to remember where to look.  When it comes to learning about Microsoft products this can sometimes be harder than it ought to be and what resources there are can be fragmented so you do have to remember where to look.  That’s… Read more

A last word on Policy based Management

If I search my blog for Policy Based Management in SQL Server, I notice there are a fair few posts on the matter. I am not going to apologise for this as it’s a vital tool in any DBA’s armoury in the world of ever increasing databases compliance and risk management.  My blog is also… Read more

Virtualisation for the DBA part 2 – SQL Server Management

Given the almost mandatory drive to server virtualisation in data centres, what do you need to worry about and what’s in SQL Server to help you? The biggest worry is probably  trying to manage everything, as typically many organisations simply create a virtual machine for every physical server they have and them lump them onto… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Notification Services

Notification services is one of the deprecated features in SQL Server 2008, essentially it is supported for now but will not be in the next release of SQL Server. If you are using notification services currently and you are looking to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 then you can get it from here. But why… Read more

SQL Server 2008: where’s my stuff?

For those of us who have been tracking the evolution of SQL Server 2008 through it’s long gestation it can be a bit annoying when things get moved around.  In RC0 odds and ends seem to have disappeared and the more sceptical DBA might assume the features have been pulled prior to release, however what… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Configuration Servers

Following on from my last post, when DBA’s have to manage multiple SQL Server 2000 instances you would normally see all of them registered on their local desktop in enterprise manager under a variety of groups such as dev, prod, test etc. With the advent of SQL Server 2005 this practice seems to have died… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Best Practice

In SQL Server 2000 and 2005 there is a really useful utility called the Best Practice Analyzer which you can download here.  Essentially it looks at your database configuration and matches this against a set of rules to inform you you of what improvements to make, based on experience gained by Microsoft Consultants and Premier… Read more