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Hierarchies in Analysis Services

Looking at that product dimension for my last post, I noticed that there were five hierarchies defined for the product dimension.  A hierarchy is a very important part of any OLAP engine and allows users to drill down from summary levels down to detail levels much as you might want to zoom in on a… Read more

Mental Models – Attributes in Analysis Services

  I had many happy debates with a business analyst on one of my recent projects because he was bought up an an early olap product called HOLOS and he couldn’t see how the dimensional model I was presenting was ever going to work.  If we had been using HOLOS, and pretty well any other… Read more

Grain – The devil is in the detail

Technorati Tags: BI, Business Intelligence, OLAP, SQL server 2008 Business Intelligence is just like digital photography, the more detail you want the more space you are going to use and in both cases we talk about grain and granularity.  If you have ever worked with RAW files on a ‘Prosumer’ (an IT Professional with as… Read more

OLAP, Cubes and Multidimensional Analysis –

 Hugh McLeod is quite correct, On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is actually about business, it just sounds like a science project.         Basically OLAP is an awful name, Nigel Pendse, author of the OLAP report calls the same thing FASMI, which I think is a far better term : Fast – 90% of queries back… Read more